About Us

Maruti Logistix is more than a decade old company with core competency in carrying and forwarding agents; offering world class solutions in supply chain management, freight transportation, warehousing, and logistics through a network of talented and caring professionals.


Founded in Mumbai, India by Entrepreneur Mr. Manish Vyas, is a 15 year old company. Maruti Logistix anually carries products surpassing INR 1000cr and has been repeatedly recognized as one of the fastest-growing C and F agency companies in the country, a great supply chain partner, a top cold storage firm, and a awesome place to work. With a strong passion for excellence, state of art modern warehouses of more than 1.5 lakh sq ft, and our 100+ employees put the “Xtra” in logistiX by doing large things smartly, and the countless little things, that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.

Our Mission

"We want to provide the highest quality logistics and supply chain management services in the industry, and in turn create effeciencies, reduce time to market, minimize cost and increase profitability for its customers. by keeping our core values intact and surpassing the expectations of our customers & employees"

Mr. Manish Vyas

Mr. Manish Vyas is the founder of Maruti Logistix With his creative problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking mindset, he has resolved critical issues and always thrived in the fast-paced challenging environments with multiple priorities. His interpersonal communication skills and leadership qualities have helped him take Maruti Logistix to greater heights. With proven skills to drive business growth, he has always helped corporates gain profits and excel in their endeavors.

He always envisioned of using his skills, education and traits for the betterment of the society. Over the years, Mr. Vyas has been recognized as a key professional in translating strategies into actionable operating plans, driving efficiency, organizational objectives, establishing operational excellence and executing prestigious projects. He always remained quality focused and productive. His mental toughness & determination is simply admirable. His dreams arcs over the sky.

He has known over the years for building quality services, formulating business development strategies, and profitable organizations. His strong expertise lies in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Retail projects.